The Great Fish

What was the fish that swallowed Jonah?

The Bible book of Jonah has often been called “the story of Jonah and the whale” and gives the account of Jonah, a prophet of God, who disobeyed God’s command to preach to the people of Nineveh.  But extraordinary aspects of the story have led some to question whether it is a historical account, or simply a parable.  At the heart of this controversy is the seemingly impossible report of Jonah being swallowed by a “great fish” and living inside it for three days, only to be spewed out unto the shore alive.  Is this a fish or a whale?  Can a man live inside either for three days and nights?

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Cleaner Fish and Shrimp

An Evolutionary Stumbling Block

One of the greatest phenomena witnessed in God’s underwater world is that of “cleaning stations”.  These are where predatory fish such as groupers and moray eels go to have their mouths and even gills cleaned by small wrasses, gobies and/or shrimp.  This is a type of symbiotic relationship called mutualism where both parties benefit; the cleaner derives nutrition and the cleaned has food debris and parasites removed.

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The Oceans: God’s Glory

Our oceans are an amazing display of creation science. In this presentation Tec Clark presents evolutionary myths and misconceptions surrounding God’s underwater world, as we focus on both the scientific evidence and scriptures of His divine undersea creation.

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Rough Waters

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy, a scuba diver himself, once illustrated how divers may not be able to see past the choppy surface prior to entering the water. But once they jump in there is a new clarity, and the beauty of the fish and reefs emerge. Friends, today life seems choppy on the surface, the water may look dark, and the boat is certainly tossing and turning. But once you take that “giant stride” into the water the surface becomes hardly an issue. Underwater it is calm and clear, and the beauty of God is apparent.

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Life on the Coral Reef

The coral reef has the highest diversity of life seen anywhere on God’s wonderful earth.  Plankton, fish, mollusks, hard and soft corals, and marine mammals are an exquisite display of God’s beauty, creativity and splendor.  Life on the Coral Reef is filled with stunning examples of God’s design along with the scriptural background that supports it.


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God’s Underwater World

God’s Underwater World is a presentation on the diversity and complexity of God’s design in the waters of the world.  From fresh water springs to the ocean; from plankton to whales – God’s design is evident.  In this presentation Tec Clark points out scriptural references in God’s creation of the underwater world and our command to care for it by being proper stewards of God’s underwater world.


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