Cleaner Fish and Shrimp

An Evolutionary Stumbling Block

One of the greatest phenomena witnessed in God’s underwater world is that of “cleaning stations”.  These are where predatory fish such as groupers and moray eels go to have their mouths and even gills cleaned by small wrasses, gobies and/or shrimp.  This is a type of symbiotic relationship called mutualism where both parties benefit; the cleaner derives nutrition and the cleaned has food debris and parasites removed.

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Rough Waters

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy, a scuba diver himself, once illustrated how divers may not be able to see past the choppy surface prior to entering the water. But once they jump in there is a new clarity, and the beauty of the fish and reefs emerge. Friends, today life seems choppy on the surface, the water may look dark, and the boat is certainly tossing and turning. But once you take that “giant stride” into the water the surface becomes hardly an issue. Underwater it is calm and clear, and the beauty of God is apparent.

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